Art and Design

Handmade Designs

Our talented artists creating quality original handmade designs include Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, with her Made on Minjerribah Studio featuring ceramics, jewellery, textiles and more. Anaheke Metua creating original woven and textile artworks, Leuli Eshraghi's photography, videography, installation and painted works, and Ramona 'Mun Mun' Cavanagh's beautiful painted designs. Select artists are available for commissions or workshops, and further contact can be found for each artist on the WHO page.

Digital Designs

We understand that affective visual communication is an important part of sustainability for artists, organisations and events. We combine our skills in graphic design, photography, illustration, and visual arts to create meaningful and effective brochures, websites, posters, CDs, and publications.

a postcard designered to promote a yoga workshop
a poster of wildlife and their names in language
the sustainable dreaming website that our designer developed